The Vidhyanjali International School, a dedicated CBSE Co-Ed school at Indore, was established under the aegis of Prakhar Education Society in 2008 to meet the demand for quality education for a child. Within a short period, it acquired the reputation of being one of the “Most Happening Schools” of Indore.

"Learning for life". Our mission remains to impart learnings that last for life. We work beyond what books can teach. At Vidhyanjali, they are not expected to be rats in a race, rather learn and imbibe every essential life skill. We let children explore every possible option in terms of interest, hobby, or career. Once a child explores an area only then he knows what he enjoys or what he is really passionate about. We at Vidhyanjali become a guiding light for the students to be able to find their own unique path. While a student finally finds the path of interest he has already explored and tasted other areas, hence, learning for life.
Our vision is what we along with you want to see in your child in the years to come. We vision every child to be able to really enjoy what they do in their life no matter what area they pick. It is important to change the pedagogy in a way that learning becomes more experiential. We teach students how to do things right, we don't just establish consequences for doing them wrong. If we tell them “not” to do something, we also tell them then what to do. We focus on skills that will help them throughout life. Interestingly, we let them learn these on their own under guidance.

विद्यासंम नास्ति भूषणम्

English translation of our motto is “there is no ornament like knowledge”. We strongly believe that no matter how priced or valuable an ornament is, it can always be taken away or stolen but knowledge can never be stolen from anybody. The more knowledge you spread, the more you get, the richer you become. A person does not become rich with the jewels he possesses rather becomes rich with the knowledge he holds and spreads.